Laura’s Lean – an industry leader for its all-natural, vegetarian-fed and antibiotic-free protein options, including ground beef – needed to drive brand awareness during its top-sales-priority summer grilling and tailgating seasons. In partnership with Linhart PR, Laura’s Lean launched a social food influencer campaign to generate beautiful, engaging recipes and photos, and expose new consumers to the Laura’s Lean brand during times when people are thinking about grilling beef.


Here’s how Linhart PR brought the first-ever Laura’s Lean influencer program to life:
1) Determined criteria: Linhart PR established parameters for the types of food influencers who would be the best fit to spread the word about Laura’s. To be considered, influencers had to post about red meat, create unique/healthy recipes, produce beautiful photography, offer video capabilities, and have a significant social following.
2) Conducted research: Based on the criteria, Linhart PR researched and recommended 14 influencers to the Laura’s Lean team and also tiered them, taking into account their channel content, social engagement and fees.
3) Reached out and negotiated: Linhart PR reached out to eight influencers to offer a partnership with Laura’s Lean. The team negotiated fees and assets, including licensing rights, to get the most value for the budget. At the close of negotiations, four influencers were selected: Lauren’s Latest, Fit Foodie Finds, Food Faith Fitness and Real Food by Dad.
4) Set contracts: Balancing the budget and Laura’s Lean needs with influencer fees and services, Linhart PR conducted multiple rounds of influencer contract edits, coming to an agreement on the services provided, deadlines and licensing.
5) Launched and managed influencer team: Constant contact with the influencers proved key to delivering accurate content against the contracts, meeting deadlines and building relationships. Linhart PR managed it all – the team reviewed and edited recipes and blog posts; helped to navigate issues and creatively problem-solve – including around a contract breach and termination; and monitored for and shared content.
6) Reported on results: Through extensive social channel data research, and understanding client priorities, Linhart PR created benchmarks to track program results through the summer and fall. We evaluated and measured reach, impressions, engagements, and clicks to the Laura’s Lean Facebook page and website, delivering a comprehensive results report at the close of the program.


From May to October, the influencer program helped Laura’s Lean:
--Create and share seven new recipes, photos and videos
--Reach more than 844,000 new consumers on Facebook and Instagram
--Earn more than 482,000 impressions (number of times content was displayed on News Feeds or pages) across Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest
--Generate nearly 36,000 engagements (likes, comments, shares) with content across blogs and social channels
--Drive 100+ clicks to the Laura’s website and 10,500+ clicks to the Laura’s Facebook page


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