The start of a new year is a time when health and wellness are top of mind. In an effort to drive retailer traffic, encourage product trial and boost product sales during this time, Earthbound Farm, the country’s largest grower of organic produce, coordinated a “cart buy” program. Through the program, 225 grocery shoppers in four markets were surprised by having their entire grocery cart purchased by Earthbound Farm and WhiteWave Foods, Earthbound Farm’s parent company. All shoppers had to do was be in the right store at the right time and have at least one WhiteWave product in their cart. Earthbound Farm turned to Linhart PR to help drive consumer awareness and media coverage around the cart buys.


Linhart PR employed the following tactics to secure media coverage and consumer awareness in the cart buy markets of Boise, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco:
- To create a timely news hook, Linhart PR leveraged health and wellness product-related messaging to connect to consumer interest in better-for-you New Year’s tips
- To generate multiple media touchpoints and encourage more than one story per media outlet, Linhart PR conducted media outreach both pre- and post-cart buys
- To drive deeper media engagement, Linhart PR offered TV media an opportunity to participate in the cart buys by surprising lucky shoppers live on-air


All program goals were exceeded, leading to a total of more than 3 million media impressions that raised awareness about Earthbound Farm and WhiteWave Foods amongst consumers to kick-off sales efforts in 2017

  • Landed 13 TV segments, 13 online/print stories and 7 social media posts
  • Secured coverage in the largest publications in three of the four markets (Idaho Statesman, Chicago Tribune and The Denver Post)
  • 92 percent of all broadcast segments included better-for-you messaging, and all other media stories focused on healthy eating habits
  • Retailers were enthused with the results, further strengthening WhiteWave retailer partnerships


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