Rudi’s Organic Bakery challenged Linhart Public Relations to generate substantial sales for its Organic product line (which included the new Flatz products), and increase consumer engagement and awareness among naturally-inclined moms -- all within a limited timeframe and budget.


An iconic moment of pride for moms is putting their child’s artwork on the fridge for guests to admire. The team brought this touching moment to life online through “Let’s Doodle Lunch” – a Facebook campaign inviting mom to upload her little Picasso’s artwork to receive a free customized sandwich box with her child’s design on the lid. The digital marketing campaign also allowed kids to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride about lunch. The sandwich box focus gave the team a natural reason to tout Rudi’s Flatz, a perfect option for healthy sandwiches on-the-go, with media, bloggers and directly with moms. In addition, blogger outreach to organically-inclined moms included a reader giveaway featuring a children’s art kit, beret, and Rudi’s Organic swag and coupons to help drive further “Let’s Doodle Lunch” awareness and participation.


The month-long campaign generated more than 30,000 new Facebook Likes, nearly tripling the goal. Organic sales goals were met, nearly 18,000 moms submitted their children’s art to receive a free sandwich box, and Rudi’s fans expressed 99 percent positive feedback on the campaign.

  • 30,000 new Facebook fans
  • 18,000 Entrants


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