Ancient Harvest manufactures gluten-free ancient grain products using the highest quality, organic and non-GMO ingredients. The company was founded in the 1980s, but the brand was very quiet on the marketing front until 2013. This year, with an aggressive innovation strategy to launch new products, Ancient Harvest needed a program that would continue to increase consumer awareness for the brand and the full product portfolio, amplify the brand story online and generate very quantifiable success metrics.


Linhart PR partnered with a highly curated group of food and lifestyle bloggers to serve as ambassadors for the brand, create regular content using Ancient Harvest products, and promote the brand consistently for a nine-month period. Goals include:
• Drive awareness and trial of Ancient Harvest and Ancient Harvest’s products through branded, authentic conversation and content on brand ambassadors’ social channels and blogs each month of the program
• Increase traffic to Ancient Harvest’s owned channels
• Increase Ancient Harvest’s social media fans/followers, shared media and engagement
• Drive acquisition via e-newsletter subscribers
• Generate new and compelling recipe and visual content, including videos that the brand can repurpose natively on its owned channels and for paid media tactics, like social and digital advertising


Over the course of the nine-month program, we have achieved the following results that have helped increase online visibility for the brand and its products:

  • Published 58 blog posts with unique recipes promoting Ancient Harvest products
  • Drove 2,276 referrals to
  • Created 40,610 likes, comments and shares across blog and social posts
  • Reached over 13 million consumers from blog and social media posts
  • Generated 588 social posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest


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