While the Daniels Fund has a few thousand applicants each year, they were interested in growing the number of applications and making sure they were reaching as many high school seniors in their region as possible. With teenagers turning their attention from magazines and TV to social media and mobile applications, the Daniels Fund was interested in a more effective way of getting the attention of high school seniors than through traditional marketing efforts like television and radio PSAs. In addition, many applications are left incomplete, meaning students registered but did not complete the application. To help drive completed applications, the team needed to drive traffic to the scholarship website page where students can apply online. The Daniels Fund also wanted to provide support for students throughout the application process on social media while increasing the fan base. Finally, the Daniels Fund aimed to reach more males in all states and more applicants (male and female) in Wyoming.


Linhart PR planned and executed a Facebook campaign that combined owned and paid strategies to reach the target demographic. We developed 30 custom graphics that supported the campaign objectives; information about the program to ignite more applicants; guidance for participating applications to lead to more completions; and inspirational quotes from past scholars and Bill Daniels to drive motivation and interest, resulting in clicks to the website. The owned content served as the foundation of the paid ad units which targeted teenagers 16-18 living in the Daniels Fund four-state footprint. We ran and optimized the ads during the duration of the program with an emphasis on males and high-school seniors in Wyoming. The owned content and ads ran throughout the application period, pushing eligible students to the Daniels Fund website to learn more about The Daniels Scholarship Program and to start the application process.


  • Helped increase the number of applicants by 33 percent
  • Drove over 16,000 visitors to the Daniels Fund website from Facebook
  • Grew the Daniels Fund Facebook page fan base by 15 percent (Note: There were 2,638 fans at the beginning of the campaign and 3,027 at the end; a growth of 15% during that period)
  • Reached over 200,000 students in the target demographic
  • Saw double-digit growth in both registered users and applications coming from Wyoming


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