Dec 11, 2015 | Linhart Blog, Our Business

Create an Animated GIF in 5 Steps

GIFs. I am sure you have heard of them. They are those funny animations that your clever co-worker includes in emails to liven a discussion point and that you see invading your social media feed. While the GIF has made a comeback in recent years due to their small file size and wide range of support, it is actually a vintage file format developed 30 years ago. Patented in 1985, the GIF was introduced to provide an efficient color image file. Before the GIF, most images on a computer were black and white.

One of the many reasons the animated GIF reemerged is because they are incredibly easy to create yourself – regardless of technical skill. In this simple tutorial I will demonstrate how you can make your own GIFs from still photos.

1. Get your images ready. For my GIF, I just want “THANKS” to animate, so I created one version of the image with an orange “THANKS” and another version with a red “THANKS”.


2. Go to Giphy is a fantastic website to make your own GIFs for free.

3. Drag and drop the photos you wish to animate where the website instructs you to do so.


4. Ta-da! You now have an animated image! You can easily set the speed of your animation by using the slider on Giphy. Click “Create Slideshow” to finalize your design.


5. Choose which social media platform you’d like to share your GIF, or click the “Advanced” tab to download your GIF to your device. Happy GIF-ing!


Be sure to explore Giphy to see how to create more GIFs from YouTube or Vimeo!

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