Sep 10, 2015 | Linhart Blog, Our Community

Google: Logo Redesign Done Right

You may have noticed that Google’s logo recently got a makeover. I found the change disconcerting initially, as the old serif logo had been around since 1999, which is about the same time I started getting interested in computers. I was accustomed to the old logo, but I’m happy to see the change. Although the old mark was comfortable and familiar, it had begun to seem out-of-date and no longer a good match for Google’s ultra-modern and technologically progressive nature.

According to the Google Design blog, Google’s redesign mission was to retain the “simple, friendly, and approachable style” that users have come to know, which is why they went with letterforms that are characterized by “mathematical purity of geometric forms with the childlike simplicity of schoolbook letter printing.” The new logotype is also accompanied by a typeface called Product Sans, which complements the logotype well. Additionally, the primary color sequence on a white background was maintained, which is critical in keeping a certain familiarity with the brand.


What makes Google’s rebrand unique is that it has to work across a multitude of mediums. This logo isn’t just going on some business cards and a website. It has to look good on everything from smartphones to TVs, tablets and more. Google took the time for testing to make sure that the new logotype would work “at various sizes and weights for maximum legibility in the new digital context,” ultimately lending to its success.

The new logo is also better because its file size is smaller than before. The serifs in the old logo were more intricate, requiring a larger file size, making it necessary for Google to have a text-based approximation of the logo for low bandwidth connections. The new logo avoids such workarounds.

At the end of the day, Google’s new logo might not be as exciting or groundbreaking as one could imagine, but it’s perfectly executed for all intents and purposes. It’s thoughtful, completely functional and it’s finally modern. Bravo!



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