Sep 6, 2012 | Linhart Blog, Our Business

What You Should Know: Digital Media News from the Week

What did you miss from the past week? The Linhart Digital Team brings you our favorite digital media news. Today, infographics seem to be the common theme:

The Rise of Infographics in B2B Content Marketing – Socialmouths
Infographics are the fastest growing content format in B2B marketing. See some of the stats surrounding these “tools.”

Facebook Publishes Its Own Infographic to Explain Advertising – Socialmouths
Facebook publishes its own infographic to explain how advertising works—and hopefully sell some ads.

3 Simple Ways to Gain Product Insight – Likeable Media
Before the days of social or digital media, companies used to spend countless hours setting up focus groups and intensive surveys to figure out what their customers want and to influence new products. With the rise of social media, it’s never been easier to conduct simple market research with a little bit of collaboration and creativity.

How to Connect With Your Customers Online, Offline – Likeable MediaLinhart PR Digital News of the Week
Many brands struggle with offline social media marketing.  Marketers are constantly looking for ways to drive in-store customers to their social networks. This article provides a few quick marketing tools and tricks to get some real-time social exposure from in-store customers.

3 Great Apps for Going Back to School – Likeable Media
What should kids these days be using to sharpen their school skills? Apps, of course! See which ones Likeable recommends to get ready for the year ahead.

A Likeable Cheat Sheet for Facebook Sizes and Dimensions – Likeable Media
Ever wonder what size your cover photo must be? Or how wide a shared photo should be to help engage fans? See this cheat sheet so you are no longer confused by the sizes.

The Internet vs. Facebook in 10 Years [Infographic] – Brian Solis
How does Facebook compare to the Internet when the growth of the two is examined side by side?

5 Ways Strategic Social Media Can Help Small Businesses – Brian Solis
One of the biggest misconceptions about social media strategy is that only the big brands and enterprise organizations can afford success. The impression is bigger businesses have unlimited resources, people and budgets to execute new ideas. The truth is that small businesses possess an enormous advantage over big businesses.

Apple Sends Out Invitations for iPhone 5 Event – Mashable
Apple sent members of the press invitations to an event on Sept. 12. With the prominent number five in the invitation’s image, the event will be for the big unveil of the next iPhone.

Windows 7 Overtakes Windows XP as the Most Popular Desktop OS – Mashable
Windows 7 is now the world’s most popular desktop operating system, according to the August report from Net Applications.

The State of Ecommerce [Infographic] – Mashable
Between now and 2016, be prepared to spend an average of $1,472 per year online shopping. Right now, U.S. consumers hover somewhere around $1,200-$1,300 per year, but that number will increase by 44 percent.

How Mobile Tech Is Changing Travel [Infographic] – Mashable
For many travelers, skipping town for a bit is also a perfect excuse to get some mental distance from their omnipresent mobile devices. But the desire for digital distance comes with a layer of irony — those mobile devices are increasingly what make travel possible in the first place.

Pew Survey: U.S. Social Networking Sites Have Modest Political Impact – Mercury News
Social networking sites play a small role in influencing most U.S. users’ political views, with the biggest impact among Democrats, a survey showed on Tuesday.

Social Media: It’s Part of Your Job – Business 2 Community
The problem with social media these days is that people see it as an add-on to their current job title. It is something extra that has to get done.  By changing the way we think about social media, we change the way we use social media in professional settings.


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