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What You Should Know: Digital Media News from the Week

The Linhart Digital Team brings you the latest digital media news featuring the new Facebook ad retargeting tool, 40 of the best corporate blogs, and how to better prove your point with data.

9 Businesses Using Pinterest Contests to Drive Traffic and Exposure (Social Media Examiner)Linhart PR Digital News of the Week
This post features different types of Pinterest contests and examples to get you or your business inspired. Running contests on Pinterest is a great way to expose your brand to a large audience, attract new followers and engage with your existing follower base. By utilizing Pinterest contests, your brand can engage with consumers in a personal and cost-effective way. Contests can also help you collect customer information, preferences and feedback. This valuable data can then be put into action to enhance your offerings and acquire more customers.

5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement (Social Media Examiner)
What is it that makes some Facebook fan pages wildly successful with constant high engagement rates where the fans and their friends eat up the content like there’s no tomorrow… while other pages sit there dormant with hardly any activity, yet they produce great content, too? In order to create success on Facebook, you need to have a clear objective and great design, plus:

  • Solid content strategy (what you’re going to post on your page)
  • Promotion strategy (how you’re going to continually increase your fan base)
  • Engagement strategy (how you’ll respond to fans and build community)
  • Conversion strategy (how you’ll turn your fans into customers)

3 Ways to Create Highly Valuable Blog Content (Social Media Examiner)
This article will identify some of the best tips, tools and tactics for creating blog content that helps grow your business. What’s your ideal customer’s biggest problem? Your blog is not about your business, it’s about your customers. If you want to attract and engage prospects and lead them down the sales funnel, you need to focus on them and their problems. The more you create content that helps your prospects succeed, the more engaged they’ll become with your blog.

How to Prove Your Point with Data (The Future Buzz)
Many of us have seen our share of poorly created graphs and impossible to understand data. Ian Lurie has a fun, easy-to-understand presentation on data that persuades.

Smaller News Sites Rely on Facebook for Exposure (All Facebook)
Due to the Internet, but thanks to Facebook, some smaller news sources are actually gaining more exposure. A study of newspapers and websites in Chicago showed that the smaller sites derived one-half of their traffic directly from Facebook.

40 of the Best Corporate Blogs to Inspire You (Ragan)
Blogging for your company or client can prove difficult. How do you engage audiences around what might seem to be a dull topic? Look to these corporate blogs for ideas.

Facebook Launches New Ad Retargeting Tool Following Impressive Beta Results (Hubspot)
Just about three months ago, it was reported that Facebook was testing a new ad targeting tool called Facebook Exchange, and as of yesterday, Facebook announced that Facebook Exchange is officially out of beta. This article recaps what Facebook Exchange is, and examines the results reported by some of the 8 demand-side platforms (DSPs) that participated in the beta program.

Virgin America Taps Trendsetters for Social Video Effort (ClickZ)
Virgin America is throwing open the doors of its brand to some of its most influential frequent flyers in its latest digital marketing campaign, which launched Sept. 5. The collaborators, called Virgin America “Originals,” appear without identification in a promotional interactive video that is the linchpin of the new campaign. The video presents sports, concerts, movies and games available on the seat-back touch screens on the plane, and brings the programs to life with a few clicks from the viewer.


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