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What You Should Know: Digital Media News from the Week

As our Linhart Digital team continues to bring you the top trends and news on all things digital, see which stories we pulled from the past week:

Put it in Your Pocket! – Likeable Media
Pocket is a new bookmarking tool that makes marking a favorite item or site easier. This article explains what is has to offer.Linhart PR Digital News of the Week

13 Questions to Ask During Your Next Interview – Mashable
This article takes a different look at job searching. See what questions you should ask the interviewer to determine if the organization is the right fit for you.

A Facebook Like Does Not Equal an Opt-in – Brian Solis
Solis sat down with Erik Verdonck of Pub, a Belgian-based magazine focused on the advertising industry, to ask questions about Facebook likes and the challenges that marketers and strategists face.

Study: Apple’s Siri Is Wrong Over One-Third of the Time – Digital Trends
As Apple works diligently on improving Siri before the launch of iOS 6, a new study points out how difficult it is to get Siri to provide accurate results to common questions.

Four Ways Brands Can Break News Better Than the Today Show – Likeable Media
This article recaps three things brands can learn about breaking news (even if it’s bad news) from NBC and its response to Ann Curry’s departure.

Blogs And Pinterest as the Most Influential Recommendation Engines [Infographic] – Socialmouths
Trust drives action. In order for customers to interact with your brand, they have to trust your message. This article explores the sites that convey trust the best.

Three Ways Brands Can Optimize Their Pinterest Presence – Likeable Media
Learn how to get the most out of this popular, trending site.

Older Americans Embrace New Technology, Even If They Struggle to Admit It – Enhanced Online News
The recent Pew Research study confirmed that older Americans have warmly embraced the Internet, social networking and especially email. The insight missing, until now, is how companies should position themselves to attract this growing group to their products and services.

Six Ways to Grow Your Social Community – Likeable Media
There is a lot of information out in the social media world that teaches you how to engage with your community, how to activate your community, and even how to appreciate your community, but it seems growing a community is often overlooked. Find tips here on this essential first step.

Digital it is for London Olympics – Digital Market
The London 2012 Olympics is being termed by many as the first digital Olympics with many brands and sports marketers going to digital media to promote the game, the brands and the stars who will participate in the upcoming sporting event.


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