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What You Should Know: Digital Media News from the Week

Here they are again—the top digital media articles from the past week. As always, the Linhart Digital team brings you the latest in digital news.

Google Launches 3D Interactive Tour of Versailles – Mashable
Google created an interactive 3D tour of Versailles that utilizes WebGL to guide users around the iconic parts of the French palace. This Chrome Experiment, entitled “Chaos to Perfection,” brings history into the digital age, helping to both teach and engage the user.

Apple Pulls Genius Bar Ads After Backlash – PR News
Three of Apple’s “Genuis Bar” ads that debuted during the Olympics have now been pulled from TV due to the somewhat offensive portrayal of customers as clueless when it comes to technology. The good news? You can still see the ads on Apple’s website. Should they have been pulled from the air? Weigh in with your opinion.

Four Digital Trends to Worry Media Companies – Ad Age
If there’s any sign that the media ecosystem is on the verge of dramatic change, then the four digital trends bubbling to the surface in this article are the latest proof points.

The Secret to Great Content – Likeable MediaLinhart PR Digital News of the Week
What makes great content? We all know that content rules all, but what sort of content is best?

How Charities are Using Digital Technology to Solve Problems – The Guardian
When it comes to digital technology utilized by charities, working with those who have expertise in using and developing digital technologies can maximize the value of using technologies for social good.

Dell CEO’s Kid Overshares on Social Media – ABC News
The twitter account for Alexa Dell, daughter of Dell founder Michael Dell, has been deactivated following security concerns prompted by her detailed account of the family’s whereabouts. Remind you of the anything? (Hint hint, the role of social media at the Olympics.)

Pinterest Drops Invites, Now Open to Everyone – Mashable
Pinterest announced last week that it began open registration, dropping its invite-only approach. Users can now sign up for the social photo sharing website without waiting for an invitation, according to Pinterest’s official blog.

Social-Media Strategies for Small Business – NBC Chicago
There are many different ways to communicate with consumers on social media (think Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and others.) Engaging potential customers via social-media channels could easily take up the majority of your day. And if you don’t have time for it, it’s a safe bet that most small-business owners don’t have that kind of time or money to pay someone to manage it for them.

Q: What’s Your Best Advice to Social Media Managers?
A: Stop Talking About Social Media
– Brian Solis

Brian Solis shares his advice to social media strategists and managers. And yes, the answer is more descriptive than the one shared above.

Facebook Groups: The Brilliant Way You’re NOT Using Them – Likeable Media
For Windows fans, MetroTwit is the answer to the confusing world of Facebook groups. Check out what this tool can do.

Google Buys Newspaper Ad to Show Why Newspaper Ads Don’t Work – Mashable
Here’s a nice bit of multi-faceted irony for you: On Thursday, Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper ran a print ad for Google’s (directly competitive) search advertising business. “You know who needs a haircut? People searching for a haircut,” the ad reads. “Maybe that’s why ads on Google work.”

The Age of the Empowered Consumer – Likeable Media
It used to be all about being in the right place at the right time. Now social media has changed the landscape. The fact is that anywhere, at any moment, any person has the tools and opportunity to share information.

Is Facebook Insights Really That Insightful? – Socialmouths
The question on everyone’s mind about Facebook Insights is obvious…can a company get enough useful information from Facebook’s inbuilt analytics package?

An Inspiring 1971 Letter From Helen Gurley Brown to Young Readers – Mashable
In 1971, an enthusiastic librarian from Troy, Mich., sent out dozens of letters to people of note in the arts, sciences and politics asking them to share a few words of reading wisdom with local children. See the inspiring letter in this article. Doesn’t it make you want to climb into a chair and read?


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