With continued social and economic uncertainty, you can’t afford to overlook any avenue that might help you connect with customers and clients. If you haven’t dusted off your LinkedIn strategy in a while, here are three tips to help you revitalize your presence and reach a bigger audience.

Experiment with Video

Video is a dynamic, engaging way to reach your LinkedIn audience. In fact, a video is five times more likely to start a conversation among members than other types of content. And, LinkedIn members spend almost triple the amount of time watching video ads compared to time spent with static sponsored content.

If you aren’t accustomed to using video as part of your content engine, start small. You can take an existing piece of content like a case study or a blog post and create a short video that previews key points or breaks down the top tips. Once you get more comfortable with video, consider launching a recurring series on one of your core brand topics or from a team member who doesn’t mind being in front of a camera.

Remember: These don’t have to have sky-high production value. Keep it simple and expand your video skillsets based on the ROI you see from the content you produce.

Activate Stakeholders

It’s time to call in your social soldiers. Engage your colleagues and team members to comment on, like and share your content – extending your brand’s reach and raising the profile of your company.

The LinkedIn algorithm rewards engagement – especially for posts that inspire conversations. So, the number one most valuable thing your team can do to help your company’s LinkedIn posts find their audience is to comment on posts with something that’s going to start a conversation.

Sharing an insight, a takeaway or asking a question is going to show LinkedIn the conversation potential of your post. It seems counterintuitive to how we understand other social platforms, but comments are superior to likes and shares in making your content visible.

When asking your team to engage with your brand content, help them understand the value it can bring to their professional profile as well. Increased activity on their individual profile and the profile of the company they work for can boost their visibility and credibility among their network.

Success tip: Consider incentivizing engagement or hosting a leaderboard for teams motivated by friendly competition.

Proactively Engage

LinkedIn has intentionally expanded the ability of brand pages to interact with the larger LinkedIn community. Two ways your company page can take advantage of expanded engagement are with the invitation credits and community hashtags.

Invitation credits: Growing an established following on any social platform can be a tremendous undertaking. Luckily, on LinkedIn, your brand page receives 100 invitation credits each month to invite connections to like your page. These are a great opportunity to personally invite industry peers, potential and existing employees, current clients and target clients to learn more about your organization. Credits are shared among all admins and must be extended to connections of admins. So, grant admin permissions to different teams and departments to help you capture your various target audiences. Credits renew each month and don’t roll over, so get in the habit of using these on a monthly basis.

Community hashtags: Visible on the right-hand side of your profile, you can follow up to three hashtags. These can be general to your industry, like #PublicRelations, or they can be branded to your organization, such as #LinhartPR. Adding these hashtags to your profile allows you to view all conversations happening with that hashtag at any given time. It also gives you the ability to engage with those conversations as your company page versus your personal profile.

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