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The energy, utilities and infrastructure sectors face changing public expectations, an evolving regulatory environment and massive changes in technologies and business models. Building and defending corporate reputation, gaining trust and engaging with the policy process requires thoughtful strategic planning, agile execution and a commitment to dialogue. Our communications experts help companies:

  • Navigate regulatory and permitting processes by developing compelling narratives and mobilizing advocates, including employees
  • Engage stakeholders in genuine dialogue to help shape plans and policies more likely to earn community approval
  • Communicate proactively with the news media to build understanding, and respond quickly and effectively when issues and crises arise
  • Develop compelling content aimed at showcasing unique project or program attributes to educate stakeholders and celebrate innovation

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Energy companies and utilities must define themselves and their value to society or risk having activists and adversaries do it for them.
Oil and gas public relationsFossil fuels
Drilling down into community conversations

Oil and Gas Upstream

The regulatory landscape faced by operators varies widely by basin. However, all face growing scrutiny and all benefit from consumer education on fossil fuels as an economic cornerstone essential to modern life, and from candid community dialogue on impacts and benefits of production.

No longer out of the spotlight

Oil and Gas Midstream

Formerly out of sight and out of mind, oil and gas pipelines have become part of the national conversation, driven by concern for climate and the environment, pipeline safety fears and routing controversies. Refineries and storage facilities face heightened regulatory and media scrutiny as emissions standards are tightened.

Gas pipelineMidstream oil and gas
Electric utilities
Currents of challenge and change

Electric and Gas Utilities

In many jurisdictions, the regulated investor-owned utility model is under assault. Innovators are evolving their regulatory approach, rethinking the business model and adapting to climate concerns. Rural electric cooperatives serving the heartland face similar opportunities. Enhanced transmission capacity is essential for grid modernization and resilience, but routing and impacts on wildlife and human health are perennial concerns.

Partly sunny forecast for wind and solar

Renewable Energy

Wind, solar and storage manufacturers and developers face unprecedented opportunities as interest in non-carbon energy soars and regulatory mandates ratchet up in many states. But regulatory logjams threaten to push projects past the expiration date for economic incentives, and communities challenge the local impact of wind farms and solar arrays.

Renewable energy
building visibility and support


Expectations have changed. Whether it's redevelopment of a government campus, construction of transportation infrastructure, a natural gas pipeline or an electric transmission line, no major projects move forward without public permission, often involving lengthy permitting and community engagement processes. A commitment to dialogue, use of best practices in securing stakeholder input and storytelling skills are essential parts of the blueprint for infrastructure success.

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