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From QSR to fast casual to fine dining, restaurants are high-interest, high-involvement brands in a ruthlessly competitive landscape. Forces impacting brand and business success range from health and nutrition trends to labor market and supply chain dynamics, to disruptive change in customer expectations, including online ordering and delivery. But at the end of the day, it’s all about food that tastes great. Our communications experts support multi-unit restaurants by:

  • Gaining national and local earned media coverage to keep restaurant brands top-of-mind, driving consumer choices when it’s time to decide where to eat.
  • Engaging consumers through an active social media presence that also makes brands part of the cultural conversation.
  • Addressing franchise and financial communications, as well as potential issues like food safety, nutrition and staff benefits that can impact the reputation of restaurant brands.

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Stand out in a crowded multi-unit restaurant marketplace with communications strategies that drive traffic and brand loyalty.
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Telling powerful restaurant brand stories

Brand-Building and Relevance

The most successful restaurant brands activate powerful, always-on marketing teams that tap into the national conversation while also ensuring local relevance. Purposeful creativity and tightly integrated earned and social media work make these brands stand out.

Preparing for issues and crises

Defending Reputation

When every customer with a smartphone is a reporter with global reach, and when fresh food is prepared to order in hundreds or thousands of locations every day, risks to brand reputation are enormous. This requires careful planning and swift response internally and externally, including traditional and social media.

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Driving traffic for new products and LTOs

Menu Innovation

For many brands, a steady tempo of new products and limited-time offers is essential to maintaining customer (and media) interest while driving traffic and sales. Our restaurant brand experts build interest and action nationally and locally around new products and promotions. Plus, we have experience successfully opening and driving traffic to hundreds of new restaurant locations nationwide.

Connecting with investors and franchisees

Franchise and Financial Communications

Franchising is the flywheel driving the growth of many of the world’s most powerful restaurant brands. Promoting the franchise opportunity and communicating effectively with owner-operators and area developers requires insights into the franchisee mindset. Interpreting business performance for financial journalists helps build and maintain investor confidence.

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