Media Relations & influencer marketing

Consumers seek information and recommendations from influencers, bloggers, online sources and media outlets they trust. That’s why media relations and influencer marketing are a must for brands to tell their stories in authentic and credible ways. Our communications experts offer:

  • Media strategy and execution, including planning, research, outreach and appropriate integration with other marketing strategies
  • Influencer and blogger engagement, including research, relationship management and collaboration
  • Message development and storytelling

Contact Kelly Janhunen to learn how we can help your brand build authentic relationships with current and potential consumers.

Reach your audiences in credible ways through media and third-party influencers.
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Reaching audiences through earned media

Media Relations

Media relations strategies can support your business goals with credible, earned placements that reach key audiences and decision makers. Our media relations experts define the most compelling stories; conduct research and outreach to the right outlets; build relationships with target reporters; stay on top of industry trends; and prepare spokespersons for any interview opportunities. Plus, we can integrate our expertise in earned media with content marketing, social media and even paid opportunities to add further value.

Engaging influencers to share your stories

Influencer Marketing

Influencers – such as bloggers and celebrities – can be great brand storytellers, and their authenticity is what keeps their followers engaged. We can integrate influencers into communications plans by researching and finding the best influencers for your brand; defining opportunities and outcomes that support business goals; collaborating directly with the selected influencer(s); and measuring the impact of their content.

Influencer marketing
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