Strategy & Planning

A thoughtful strategic plan, informed by audience insights, is the foundation on which successful communications programs are built. Communications plans should support specific brand, business or organizational objectives, with clear goals and measurement methods. Our communications strategists provide:

  • Approaches for developing and interpreting audience insights to guide the planning process, including surveys, interviews, stakeholder meetings and focus groups
  • Innovative and creative solutions to communications problems, delivered in the form of actionable plans, timelines and budgets
  • Program evaluation methodologies, including metrics and tools to measure and report on communications outputs, outcomes and overall program impact and results

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Start with a blueprint for communications success through a purposeful, fact-based strategic plan.
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Grounding plans in audience and industry realities

Research for Planning

Designing effective communications programs requires industry insights and a keen understanding of audience attitudes and beliefs – where they are and where you want them to be. Our strategists use research tools to inform the planning process and to establish baselines for measuring program effectiveness and results.

Identifying strategies for achieving business goals

Developing the Communications Plan

The strategic plan is the catalyst for action. It’s the roadmap explaining how communications goals will be achieved in support of broader brand or business objectives, including tasks, roles, responsibilities, timelines, resources and approaches to measurement and evaluation.

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Demonstrating results and ROI

Measuring Communications Impact

As part of the planning process, we recommend the right measurement methodologies to assess the performance of your communications program. Tools include pre- and post-program awareness and attitude surveys; media and social media content analysis; web analytics; and custom scorecards and dashboards.

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