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In today’s challenging media, political and regulatory environment, when trust in most institutions is low, organizations need the ability to gain meaningful input from stakeholders and reflect it in plans and practices. Earning support from government officials and the public requires a multi-layered advocacy communications approach. We support clients via a six-step community engagement process, which offers:

  • Narrative framework development, to serve as the basis for all community engagement content and ensure consistent messaging across all channels
  • Engagement strategies that help surface and address stakeholder questions and concerns that may stand in the way of client projects or business goals, including in-person and telephone town hall meetings
  • Communications campaigns that create advocates, build consensus and support, and lead to win-win outcomes for companies and communities
  • Content and traditional and digital tools for educating the public and gaining support

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Move plans and projects forward by gaining stakeholder input and building public support.
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Engagement strategy
Narratives for program success

Creating Winning Messages and Content

The right narrative is a necessity when it comes to building support and overcoming opposition. Our experts develop and refine research-based message frameworks to achieve client goals, and create content, including videos and infographics, to explain complex or controversial topics, which can be hosted on digital information portals built specifically for your project.

Strategies for active listening

Driving COMMUNITY Engagement

Our experts bring a variety of engagement approaches to gain input and demonstrate a client’s commitment to listen and adjust. Our toolbox includes survey research and opinion polling, focus groups, expert interviews, community meetings, coffee talks, street teams and in-person and telephone town halls. We use best practices to capture stakeholder feedback, prioritizing issues to be addressed.

Public forum communications
Public forum communications
Multi-layered advocacy plans

Building Public Support

To earn support, or at the very least minimize opposition, organizations must cultivate advocates, counter adversaries, link communications with regulatory processes, and present the facts to influence public opinion. We work with government relations teams to identify and organize appearances before municipal, county and state decision-makers and help clients prepare through presentation and messaging training; build bridges to community groups; leverage editorial board meetings and op-eds; and use social and digital media to engage audiences and help them take positive action.

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