The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and related economic disruptions present huge challenges for communications leaders, especially for those leading the function for global companies with business interests and employees around the world.

The situation is fluid and fast-moving. Actions, decisions and communications that are appropriate for a worldwide audience may not be appropriate for a localized audience in places where the public health dimensions are more acute, and vice versa.

Communications, public relations and marketing decision-makers need to balance competing priorities:

  • How do we demonstrate we’re taking this seriously without causing unreasonable alarm?
  • How do we assure employees the company will do everything in its power to keep them safe while also prioritizing customer service?
  • How far do we go in explaining to consumers that our business has appropriate protections in place before we cross the line from reassuring to raising doubts?

In volatile situations where communications strategy and messages must be determined quickly and updated in real time, leaders should look first to core brand or company values to help determine not only what to say but also what to do. Your values can provide a compass to help navigate an uncertain situation and set the right course for your company.

At Linhart PR, we have been assisting U.S. and global clients with coronavirus (COVID-19) tiered response plans, scenarios, messages and thought leadership content – both internally-facing for employees, and market-facing for customers, suppliers and partners. Please contact us - - if we can support you in developing an effective response strategy.