Consumers who care about leading healthier lives fueled by better, more wholesome foods are savvy in seeking premium food brands that align with their priorities – they pay attention to sourcing, read ingredient labels, and want products that support a greater purpose. They’re generally more active and focus on their family’s overall wellness.

How can premium food brands reach their target consumer in meaningful ways? At Linhart PR, we have a breadth of experience working with these brands to identify communications strategies, create experiences, develop integrated programs, and target media and influencers who connect with health-focused audiences.

Based on our years of successfully launching, evolving and reinventing a wide range of premium foods across categories, here are five insights that marketing and communications leaders should keep in mind to drive positive reputations, product demand and sales as they approach the 2020 planning season.

  1. Educate and build understanding. Consumers need to understand how you’re different and why you’re better to choose your product over competitors. Education also helps to justify a potentially higher price.
  2. Taste matters, so trial matters. We’re talking about food, so taste is paramount. Getting the product into the hands and mouths of your target, so they can taste the difference, is important for landing new consumers and driving purchase.
  3. Create emotional connections. Connecting with consumers in a meaningful way is a key strategy to combat category commoditization. Be transparent and shape a powerful brand story. Emotional connections also foster loyalty and recommendations to friends and family.
  4. Make friends with the natural channel. If your brand appeals to and fits with this audience, the natural channel is where brand loyalists can be found, cultivated and driven to action – and then come to your defense, when needed.
  5. Own your brand identity and share your purpose. Be known for something. Loudly and proudly shout it, and shout it often. Consumers are most loyal to brands that stand for something and are unwavering in their conviction.

If you’re looking for strategic counsel, trend- and opportunity-spotting to drive big ideas, or creative programs that will connect with your premium food target audience and drive them to action, we’d love to help. Please contact me at