Advancing Cochlear as a Category Leader Through Innovation Storytelling

As the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, innovation is a core tenet of who Cochlear is as a company. In fact, Cochlear invests more than $150M annually to consistently advance their hearing technologies and participates in more than 100 collaborative research programs globally to help people with hearing loss enjoy a life without limitation. 

To further solidify the company’s position as an industry leader amongst healthcare and technology audiences, as well as American adults, Linhart PR conducted strategic, innovation-based storytelling about Cochlear innovations and category-advancing initiatives at both the trade and national media level.

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To generate recognition for Cochlear as an innovation powerhouse, Linhart PR set out to saturate the media landscape with earned trade media coverage of various product updates, as well as national coverage of coordinated efforts by the company to help tackle the rising impact of hearing loss, while also demystifying care. 


Over the course of a year, Linhart PR supported two major product launches and one new product capability announcement with trade media outreach to raise awareness of key technology updates among hearing health professionals. The team also conducted targeted national media outreach around a joint announcement of the formation of a pivotal hearing health research collaboration between Cochlear and Google, and the publishing of the first-ever standard of care guidelines outlining who should be tested and ultimately referred for a cochlear implant. With so many partners and spokespeople in the mix for this joint release, the team strategically tailored outreach for each target, successfully matching different interview offers with the right reporters based on their coverage focus, reporting history and familiarity with hearing technology. 


Both earned media efforts were successful.

  1. Linhart PR maintained a steady drumbeat of industry media coverage for Cochlear's product innovations, securing 9 trade stories for a total of 570,000 impressions in key outlets including Hearing Review Products, Hearing Health Matters and Audiology Online
  2. The team also secured two major national features on Cochlear's hearing health research collaboration and standard of care guidelines in Forbes and WIRED. The two stories featured Cochlear key messages and impactful interviews with Cochlear's celebrity brand ambassador, two cochlear implant specialists, Google's lead accessibility research product manager, and Cochlear's Chief Technology Officer.

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