Advocating for Renewable Energy: Positioning Geothermal Energy Company as Industry Leader

In an all-of-the-above energy approach, each energy source plays a role: renewables such as wind and solar are reducing carbon emissions from the electric sector, but they’re intermittent and can’t provide reliable baseload power. Natural gas provides that reliability but emits higher levels of carbon emissions. Geothermal energy is a reliable, lower-emissions energy source, but has largely been untapped in the United States.

A Colorado-based a geothermal technology and development company was the first in the United States to generate renewable electricity from an oil and gas well using private funding. The positive results of its pilot project demonstrated the viability of low-temperature geothermal energy as an immediate solution for generating clean, lower-carbon electricity.

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As a startup company still navigating how to position itself and its work, the geothermal developer tapped Linhart PR to help prepare for and announce the pilot results, raising awareness among key stakeholders — including investors and oil and gas operators — for the company’s role in helping reduce carbon emissions and providing an alternative energy generation source.


First, Linhart PR helped prepare key company executives to share the company’s story through:

  • Key message development. Linhart PR created a detailed key message library articulating who the company is, what they do, how they support carbon emissions reduction and the benefits of lower-temperature geothermal energy. This document ensured narrative consistency and credibility for media interviews, on the company’s owned channels and for ongoing content development.
  • Media training. Linhart PR led four executives through a media training session to help prepare them to serve as effective spokespeople who can clearly articulate the company’s story with media, making the case for geothermal energy and positioning the company as an industry leader.
  • Content development. Linhart PR developed an infographic demonstrating the geothermal developer’s innovative process and proprietary technology for generating geothermal energy from oil and gas wells, while reiterating its benefits. The visual was used to simplify a complex process for target audiences.

Once the project had been completed and the geothermal company successfully generated renewable energy at the pilot well site, Linhart PR supported communications to announce the results through:

  • Message and material development. Using the key message library, Linhart PR drafted a news release, fact sheet, FAQ and copy for the company website, all highlighting the company’s achievement and its implications for energy generation and carbon emissions reduction goals in the United States.
  • Media outreach. Linhart PR pitched reporters covering energy, oil and gas and the environment at national and trade outlets, as well as local outlets in five target states with heavy oil and gas operations or who are favorable to renewable energy. In advance of interviews, Linhart PR helped prepare the energy company spokespeople with interview coaching.
  • Email marketing. Linhart PR compiled and distributed a pilot project results announcement email to a list of key stakeholders in three states, including current/potential investors, oil and gas companies, utility companies, commercial clients, government officials and environmental advocates.
  • Advocacy. Linhart PR also authored and placed an op-ed in an influential media outlet, in support of legislation that would create a level playing for geothermal in state clean energy regulations.


Linhart PR’s preparation and announcement communications efforts resulted in:

  • 9 stories, including three energy and environmental trade stories and six local stories
  • Two secured interviews, including one with Reuters, and interest from another three outlets in interviewing company experts
  • Interest from two reporters in visiting the pilot site, for a more in-depth feature on the geothermal company’s efforts
  • Seven stakeholder group emails averaging an open rate of 15.44%, with highest open rates among the investor and government official stakeholder groups
  • One comprehensive key message library, to be updated as the company’s story evolves
  • A suite of educational resources to help company executives share their story and advocate for increased geothermal energy development
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