Combining Culinary Experts and Creative Media Strategy to Garner Year-Round National Media Coverage

Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. – managed by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the BeefCheckoff – is on a mission to establish beef as the top protein among Americans for its versatility, nutritional elements and flavorful taste. To drive beef purchase consideration and positive sentiment, Beef partners with Linhart PR to execute an always-on news engine that educates consumers about the benefits of beef via relevant recipes and culinary tips that consumers can use.

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As Beef’s national PR partner, Linhart PR is charged with maintaining a year-round national earned media presence, spotlighting beef as the optimal cost-effective, delicious and nutritious protein for every season, despite all-time-high inflation rates and shrinking newsrooms demanding trendy, high-quality and searchable content more than ever before. With a finite pool of food reporters open to third-party cooking and food content, the team needed to uncover fresh and enticing story angles primed for the national spotlight that would generate regular news all year long.


Drawing upon its creative storytelling and national news-making experience, as well as Beef’s impressive roster of pitmasters, chefs, registered dietitians and food scientists, Linhart PR executed an intricate, yet flexible media outreach strategy focused on hyper-customized pitches and spokesperson offerings. By matching innovative, timely and unexpected angles around beef with the right national targets, the team delivered useful and culturally relevant recipes and culinary tips to media, which in turn helped consumers to delight and nourish every palate on any budget with beef.

Linhart PR aimed to achieve a 10% year-over-year increase in national consumer media stories over a 12-month period. To reach this goal, Linhart PR activated the below media strategies:

  1. Newsjacking: Through trend spotting on social media and in the news, Linhart PR executed a successful newsjacking strategy, leveraging relevant experts and content. For example, after seeing savory oatmeal recipes spike on TikTok, the team partnered with Beef’s registered dietitian (RD) to create a beef-forward recipe to pitch to food and lifestyle reporters, resulting in inclusion in an Eat This, Not That! breakfast roundup. The team also capitalized on the “loud budgeting” social trend, positioning Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to save money by cooking a restaurant-caliber meal for your loved one at home. The team landed a steak recipe feature from one of Beef’s pitmasters (also a sommelier) in a Good Morning America online article thanks to offering the right reporter a useful source at an opportune time.
  2. Leaning into the Unexpected: Staying proactive and embracing a creative mindset, Linhart PR inserted beef into unexpected moments and holidays. National Coffee Day, for example, sparked an idea to pitch coffee grounds as an effective ingredient in rubs and seasonings, which secured a spot for one of Beef’s chefs in HuffPost. To kick off the healthy new year in 2024, the team tapped Beef’s RD who highlighted beef as a surprising and often overlooked food for boosting immunity based on its nutritional makeup, leading to a FOX Online feature that was also picked up by the New York Post. A few weeks later, Linhart PR landed a St. Patrick’s Day feature in Forbes, which included recipes and tips on how to cook beef with Irish stouts and whiskeys from Beef’s in-house chef. The team strategically targeted this reporter based on her past coverage of cooking with alcohol/spirits.
  3. Curated, Yet Adaptable Outreach: With more media looking to fit available talent into reoccurring segments and series, Linhart PR remained nimble, evolving pitches in real time to match the exact format and needs of various news outlets. For instance, Linhart PR knows the Today Show often aligns cooking segments with current cultural happenings, so the team proactively offered a female pitmaster for a tailgating segment, with location-inspired recipes tailored to the professional football teams competing in the playoffs. The team secured a Today Show demo that was syndicated to 83 broadcast networks and online nationwide, garnering over 1 billion impressions.


Linhart PR helped increase the visibility and reach of beef-related messaging, securing 301 stories and 6.4+ billion impressions between April 2023 and April 2024. This was a 223% increase in the number of stories and a 214% increase in impressions compared to the same period the year prior, which far exceeded the team’s goal.

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