Community Outreach Plan Educates and Engages Energy Project Stakeholders

A Colorado energy company sought to position itself as a highly engaged and responsible operator that works collaboratively with local residents, stakeholders and organizations, as it planned projects and navigated the state and local permitting process.

A community outreach plan and related strategies resulted in stronger engagement, increased understanding of the project, and greater dialogue with stakeholders.

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Many local- and state-level permitting processes require a robust community outreach process for planned projects. The company needed to create and execute a community outreach plan to educate and gather feedback from numerous stakeholders, including local residents, industry peers, media and government organizations.


The company partnered with Linhart PR, which has proven experience in working with public affairs, regulatory, communications and legal teams, to guide collaboration and engagement with local communities near or impacted by planned projects. Strategic communications support included:

  • Community Meetings: Linhart PR planned and executed several in-person and telephone town hall community meetings to share project milestones and information, as well as to gather comments on planned operations. The community meetings were a forum to create a visible presence, deliver key messages, and foster two-way dialogue with stakeholders. Linhart PR handled all aspects, including planning, message and presentation development, meeting material creation, spokesperson training, in-person and telephone town hall community meeting execution, and follow-up materials for meeting attendees.
  • Media Relations: Linhart PR conducted targeted media outreach to share key information regarding the progress of the planning efforts, and to showcase the company’s commitment. Linhart PR created key messages and prepped spokespeople, as appropriate.
  • Local Partnerships: Linhart PR tapped industry organizations and leadership groups to further validate the project. Partner organizations helped support research and analytics, key communication to Colorado residents, and industry alignment.


  • Stronger engagement from nearby residents and other stakeholders, resulting in positive plan modifications
  • Improved stakeholder understanding of project milestones and plans
  • Greater message consistency across various internal and external audiences
  • More confident company leaders who understand how to educate and listen to stakeholders effectively  
  • Creation of a culture of information sharing, collaboration and transparency

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