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Graebel, a leading provider of talent mobility services for some of the most recognizable brands in the world, produces an annual thought leadership piece called the State of Mobility Report, which details key talent mobility trends and topics for mobility professionals and their company leaders. The report is based on insights gathered through a formal survey of key audiences.

In a time of economic uncertainty and tightening budgets, Graebel recognized the need to 1) emphasize the value that talent mobility brings to organizations, to help mobility professionals protect their budgets and programs, and 2) highlight mobility program and policy opportunities to make programs more effective. Linhart PR and Graebel coordinated with a research partner to survey 850 global mobile employees from seven countries – employees who relocated for their job – to ask about how their relocation experiences have benefitted both their careers and their companies.

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Graebel sought to transcend conventional data reporting methods and set the goal to engage, educate and inspire mobility professionals and company leaders with a reimagined 2023 State of Mobility Report format. Graebel tasked Linhart PR with elevating the annual report into an interactive and educational user experience that would capture their target audiences’ attention and advocate for the value of talent mobility in a conservative business environment and economy.


Linhart PR, in partnership with the Graebel marketing team, planned and developed a new State of Mobility Report. These efforts included:  

  • Survey Creation: Linhart PR and Graebel collaboratively brainstormed the campaign theme (‘On the Go Is Here to Stay: Talent Mobility Adds Value in Tough Economy’) and worked with Wakefield Research, Linhart PR’s research partner, to conduct the survey. Linhart PR crafted questions to capture strategic insights aligned with the topic, such as personal or professional outcomes from the relocation, challenges faced and what mobile employees would do differently next time, and competitive advantages/business results from relocations. Following the survey's completion, Linhart PR identified compelling storylines within the results, tailoring them to resonate with mobility professionals and company leaders.
  • Data Storytelling Format Ideation and Project Planning: Linhart PR brainstormed three new and engaging format ideas to bring the survey results to life, ultimately landing on the idea of an interactive microsite sharing fictional mobile employee journeys. Linhart PR then led coordination with a web developer to create the microsite in both desktop and mobile versions. This included developing a project brief and leading a kickoff call to outline the microsite goals and vision and facilitating copy and visual edits to ensure alignment with Graebel’s vision. Microsite visitors were greeted on the homepage with the survey methodology and top 10 key survey findings, broken out in to three categories: mobility’s company benefits, mobility’s career benefits and building stronger mobility programs. From the homepage, users could navigate to an interactive map to follow the relocation journeys of five fictional mobile employees from around the globe. The relocation journey storylines, which reflected the experiences of real-life mobile employees who participated in the survey, touched on cultivating a strong talent pipeline through talent mobility, supporting settling-in for productivity, leveraging mobile talent for business growth and addressing negative ROI impacts from relocation failures. Each scenario underscored the essential role of mobility strategies in contributing to organizational success, while helping mobility professionals identify benefits and challenges for consideration in their programs and policies.
  • Communications Materials Development: To support the launch of the 2023 report, Linhart PR pulled key statistics to create messaging that highlighted the benefits of talent mobility for both mobile employees and businesses, demonstrating it is a worthwhile investment for companies that helped them reach their business goals. The key messages were used by the Graebel marketing team to develop campaign and sales materials, and Linhart PR used them to develop spokesperson talking points and a blog post to drive readers to the interactive microsite.
  • Media Outreach: Linhart PR conducted outreach to key trade outlets and national media, tailoring pitches to match reporters' areas of interest like HR, talent attraction and workplace trends. Linhart PR also created and distributed a press release to ensure broad coverage of survey insights.


Linhart PR helped increase the visibility, reach and impact of the 2023 State of Mobility findings, making this one of the most creative and successful mobility reports to date. The team:

  • Generated nearly 4,000 State of Mobility content views – a 100% year-over-year increase from the previous year
  • Drove an average engagement time across the microsite of 2 minutes and 35 seconds – a 181% increase compared to the entire Graebel website
  • Secured three bylined articles in the UK and US, showcasing talent mobility’s value in talent attraction and retention, driving nearly 80,000 qualified marketing impressions and 59 microsite clicks from the stories; also secured a story on the website of the most prominent relocation industry trade group, which reached another nearly 12,000 mobility professionals
  • Several clients confirmed using the data and microsite while ‘at the table’ with company leaders showcasing the value of mobility and planning for 2024 budget discussions
  • Graebel account managers used the report in more than 350 client business reviews to help address program challenges and opportunities

*View the full 2023 State of Mobility Report to see how Linhart PR and Graebel brought the data to life.

*The Graebel Relocation Survey for Graebel’s 2023 Annual State of Mobility Report was conducted by Wakefield Research between April 21st and May 1st, 2023, among 850 employees who have experienced a corporate relocation in the following markets: US, UK, Germany, Singapore, India, China Tier 1 Cities, and Brazil. The survey was conducted using an email invitation and an online survey.

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