Communicating Key Omega-3 Differences Through Social Media

GOED, the global organization for EPA and DHA omega-3s, educates consumers about the role of omega-3 fatty acids in heart, brain, eye and maternal health. Specifically, GOED aims to differentiate the types of omega-3 fatty acids and promote the consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3s commonly found in marine sources like fatty fish and algae. GOED asked Linhart PR to clearly communicate the importance of these two key nutrients to consumers.

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In addition to educating consumers about EPA and DHA omega-3s, GOED seeks to clear up confusion among consumers, journalists and even health experts who believe ALA omega-3s – found in plant sources like walnuts and chia seeds – deliver the same health benefits as EPA and DHA sources. Knowing most Americans get the recommended amount of ALA, but are deficient in EPA and DHA, GOED needed to educate consumers about the differences of these often-confused fatty acids and their sources – and potentially drive more EPA and DHA consumption


Linhart PR recommended a social media strategy with a targeted Instagram influencer campaign to drive awareness and engagement across key audiences. The centerpiece of the campaign: A Linhart PR-developed educational, web-based decision tree infographic – titled Test Your Omega-3 IQ – with an interactive illustration of the types of omega-3s, their benefits, and the best sources for each. Linhart PR wrote social copy to accompany the infographic, implementing learnings from GOED’s Facebook and Google Analytics to guide the language and tone that would resonate best with each audience. Using the top-performing content, Linhart PR created targeted ad campaigns, boosted Facebook posts and built custom and lookalike audiences that drove engagement and clicks to the full infographic on To extend the campaign’s reach and engagement, Linhart PR also partnered with two health and wellness Instagram influencers to conduct story polls to gauge followers’ omega-3s knowledge, share the decision tree infographic to build understanding of the different types, and drive clicks to


Linhart PR achieved the following results:

  • Secured 2,695 engagements with the EPA and DHA omega-3 content through Facebook ads and boosted posts, and another 2,484 engagements through Instagram influencer content, for a total of 5,179 campaign engagements
  • Drove 1,422 clicks to, where the infographic was housed
  • Delivered a 1.9% engagement rate with a cost per engagement of $0.28, well below the industry average of $1.06 per engagement
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