Helping an Energy Client Prepare for the Worst

An independent oil and gas producer with offshore platforms near the site of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill and well pads at other sensitive sites in Southern California engaged Linhart PR to update its crisis communications plans, messages and template materials, and to provide realistic crisis response training and simulation exercises for the CEO and senior leadership team.

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Linhart PR was tasked with preparing senior executives of an independent oil and gas production company to respond to the myriad of crises that could stem from on- and off-shore operations.


In addition to developing a crisis communications plan, Linhart PR conducted crisis-specific media training and designed and facilitated a true-to-life incident response simulation exercise. Based on a mock crisis event, the exercise included multiple scenario updates, misinformation and rumors, multiple mock press conferences and in-bound emails and telephone calls from employees, journalists and other stakeholders. Linhart PR provided a detailed post-exercise report that identified areas for improvement and additional needs.


  • Created a detailed and actionable crisis communications plan, including strategies, messages, tactics, template documents and more
  • Proved the effectiveness of the plan and the ability of the senior leadership team to utilize its protocols and resource
  • Received high evaluation marks from the client team, including the CEO
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