Promoting Beef as the Top Protein for Summer Grilling Season

To tout beef as the top protein for grilling season, Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. developed a marketing campaign devoted to gathering over grilled steak, fittingly called United We Steak. However, as COVID-19 continued to spread throughout the summer, and consumer budgets got smaller as result, the campaign expanded to promote throwing any beef product you love on the grill, including burgers.

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As Beef’s national PR partner, Linhart PR was charged with generating national consumer news that 1) amplified the United We Steak campaign – including the centerpiece of the campaign, which was 50 hand-carved, state-shaped steaks featured in a variety of content, 2) reinforced beef as the preferred protein for grilling season, and 3) demonstrated how beef fits into the summer grilling season, ultimately helping to drive sales of beef products.


Three news-making strategies made beef the star of the grill:

  1. Leveraged recognizable celebrity chefs including Lamar Moore and Hugh Acheson to secure national broadcast beef cooking demonstrations
  2. Developed outreach angles tied to current events and COVID-19-timed trends like how to “grill” a burger without a grill as access to public parks and shared grills was restricted during spring and summer quarantines, and steak recipes for tailgating at home as the modified football season launched in late August
  3. Created and maximized owned content through a catchy and surprising “Perfect Steak” survey, with results that generated powerful and clickable online headlines


In total, Linhart PR secured 131 stories and more than 7.3 billion impressions for summer grilling with beef.

Notable wins included:

  • Three beef recipe cooking demo videos with Good Morning America online that were also shared on GMA social channels and syndicated to outlets like Yahoo! and ABC News online for a more extensive total reach of 1.5 billion
  • A roundup of expert tips in The Daily Meal on how to prepare the perfect steak that quoted meat scientist and Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. spokesperson, Bridget Wasser, which also was shared on outlet social channels for a reach of more than of 225 million
  • Online stories in outlets like FOX News and The New York Post on the “Perfect Steak” survey findings that also linked to the United We Steak campaign page and resulted in a reach of 5.63 billion
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