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As a new global economy emerged, reshaped by COVID-19 and social justice movements, the nature of the workplace was irreversibly changed. With organizations grappling with increased worker empowerment, work-from-anywhere policies and the heightened need for DEI initiatives, Graebel — a leading provider of global talent mobility for some of the world's most recognizable brands — sought to demonstrate the role of talent mobility in addressing those workplace priorities.

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As Graebel's PR agency of record, Linhart PR was charged with establishing the company as a thought leader to an audience of global senior business decision-makers through content with fresh perspectives and solutions — via talent mobility — to the workplace challenges global companies were facing.  


Linhart PR researched, recommended and executed a paid thought leadership content program with the Financial Times. Specifically, Linhart PR:

>>Researched three outlets with a global C-suite audience – Financial Times, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal – and recommended Financial Times as the best fit based on Graebel's typical target client and on the alignment of the outlet’s coverage and readers — 72 percent of whom work at large global companies, 30 percent are C-suite executives and 59 percent are business decision makers.  

>>Identified possible content topics by auditing Financial Times coverage and cross-referencing key topics with Graebel's areas of expertise. In partnership with the mobility team, Linhart PR landed on these three topics for the partner content series:

  • Reinventing the employee experience in the face of challenging labor markets, including providing corporate relocation opportunities as a talent attraction and retention tool
  • The role of technology as the enabler of culture and communications in the post-pandemic work-from-anywhere workplace
  • Mobility’s role in building corporate diversity, equity and inclusion with a global workforce

>>Interviewed Graebel subject matter experts — identified by the Graebel marketing team — to gather their perspectives on the three article topics. This was the basis for the partner content, which Linhart PR created with the Graebel and Financial Times teams, to hit the right voice and positioning while sharing original, tangible new ideas for readers.

>>Managed the entire process with the Financial Times team, including contracting; the editorial review process and page layout design; coordinating Graebel's approval of the Financial Times social promotional content; facilitating reporting at the campaign mid-point and end; and acting as a liaison between Graebel and the Financial Times to address questions and needs.


The three articles, supported by the Financial Times’ promotional efforts, resulted in increased awareness among Graebel's target audience of the value of global mobility in adjusting to new workplace scenarios.

Specifically, the program generated:

  • 4,733 page views — 3% more than the Financial Times benchmark
  • 3,462,065 marketing impressions, outperforming the typical Financial Times benchmark 17 times over
  • An average attention span of nearly one minute, 42% more than the standard time for Financial Times sponsored content
  • 4,021 total unique users, of which 34 percent were business decision-makers and 21 percent were C-suite executives, primarily in the banking and financial services sectors  

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