Making the Most of Football Season for Laura's Lean Beef

Laura’s Lean Beef, a Meyer Natural Foods brand, offers a variety of lean, lower-fat beef products for health-conscious consumers. Laura’s Lean Beef also is free of antibiotics and hormones, vegetarian-fed and humanely-raised.

Linhart PR helped Laura’s Lean Beef capitalize on the excitement of the NFL season by introducing a variety of locally inspired, healthier game-day recipes.

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Linhart PR was challenged to share Laura's Lean Beef as a lower-fat, but still delicious option for game day celebrations, ultimately driving in-store purchases and product trial. The campaign needed to be national-reaching but also focused on big football markets, including Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Boston, Atlanta, Phoenix, St. Louis and Kansas City.


Laura’s Lean Beef created a range of recipes to demonstrate how a great-tasting, game-watching party doesn’t have to be full of fat, calories and artificial ingredients.

Linhart PR executed an integrated traditional and social media program for Laura’s Lean Beef to push out the football campaign messages and new recipes to the target audience in all the places they like to receive information and news. Linhart PR pitched the recipes to priority market print, TV and blog outlets, and also booked and coordinated in-studio TV cooking segments. To spread the news more broadly, national online outlets were also pitched.

On social, Linhart PR launched a “surprise and delight” program to interact with and reward fans who engaged with our Laura’s Lean Beef recipe posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Twenty-five of these fans were “surprised” with prize packs full of Laura’s Lean Beef swag items and coupons to help them create their own game-day feasts. And, to connect with priority market audiences, there were geo-targeted customized Facebook ads in each city.

15+ Million

Consumers Reached


Local Market News Stories


Increase in Website Traffic


Overall, the football campaign reached more than 15 million consumers through news stories and social media engagement. It drove a significant bump in website traffic as well. Top results include:

  • A healthy tailgating story featuring Laura’s Lean Beef and Laura’s Kitchen Hot Dogs on reached more than 11 million consumers
  • Six local market news stories, including two in-studio cooking segments in Indianapolis, and four online stories from local TV stations and blogs reached nearly 4.4 million consumers
  • Facebook ads for each city – featuring messaging connected to their NFL team and a Laura’s Lean Beef tailgate recipe – reached 51,157 people and drove 1,027 clicks to
  • Nineteen of the 25 “surprise and delight” winners shared a post about Laura’s Lean Beef, resulting in more than 20,000 additional program impressions
  • Three “surprise and delight” winners created and shared their own Laura’s Lean Beef recipes on their blogs, reaching a combined audience of 43,119 consumers
  • During and following the tailgating campaign, visits to the Laura’s Lean Beef recipes page increased by 128 percent compared to the previous three weeks
  • Website traffic from Facebook and Twitter during the campaign increased by 219 percent compared to the previous three weeks
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