Media Training and Key Messages Help Executives Tell Their Brand Story

A national multi-unit restaurant chain needed to help its CEO, CMO, CFO and other C-suite executives and subject-matter experts articulate and deliver the brand story to the news media, clearly and with confidence. Linhart PR's restaurant marketing experts helped the chain develop differentiating key messages and provided tools and techniques for managing media interviews effectively, helping drive positive news coverage to build brand awareness and drive restaurant traffic.

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The restaurant chain identified a go-to group of experts and executives for media interviews, but some had not been formally media trained or had limited interview experience. The chain also did not have approved key messages by subject area, making it difficult for spokespeople to adequately prepare for interviews and deliver responses that succinctly communicated company initiatives, focus areas and differentiators.


The company turned to Linhart PR to provide the following media training services.

  • Key message development: We collaborated with the restaurant chain’s communications team to identify top subject areas by spokesperson and questions media were likely to ask. Once themes, programs and key points of differentiation to communicate were determined, we created messaging to bring those elements to life for each spokesperson. All messaging also was routed through legal for approval.
  • Executive media training: We provided media training to help experts and executives effectively convey key messages to print and broadcast reporters. These interactive meetings included a working-with-the-media class followed by one-on-one, videotaped practice sessions to simulate an interview situation, with feedback and coaching following each taped session.


  • Confident and capable spokespeople who understand how to prepare for and deliver media interviews that meet restaurant chain goals
  • Deeper understanding of approved key messages across subject areas
  • Ability to pursue additional media interviews knowing there are trained spokespeople who can speak to the restaurant chain’s direction and growth, menu items and innovation, people practices and more
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