Audience Research and Insights Result in Value Proposition, Leadership Messages

An accounting firm needed to define its marketplace differentiators and services in order to help leaders further expand relationships with clients, pursue new business relationships, and attract and retain top talent.

  • Qualitative research led to a value proposition and compelling messages that guided communications among key audiences.
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Like many professional service providers, accounting firms are drowning in a sea of sameness. While firms may try to distinguish themselves to maintain or gain business, most seem to communicate similar, interchangeable messages. How could this accounting firm differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace?


Linhart PR took a research-based approach to gain insights from key audiences to develop a fact-based analysis, recommendations and messaging for how the firm could position its brand, services and value. Linhart PR conducted:

  • One-on-one interviews with clients and prospects to uncover the tangible and intangible benefits and value they receive or expect from an accounting firm.
  • Interviews and focus groups with key leaders to determine how they view the firm’s benefits, services, competitive differentiators and personality.
  • Online research to understand how key competitors define their approach, services and overall value proposition to clients, prospects and employees.


Linhart PR analyzed the data and insights to prepare a comprehensive summary with a new value proposition and supporting messages to articulate the firm’s services and benefits.  Specifically, it resulted in:

  • Compelling “reasons to believe” that help the firm capitalize on key benefits identified by clients and prospects
  • A set of research-based messages to consistently use across internal and external materials and audiences
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