Equipping Leaders With Public Speaking and Storytelling Skills

A leading global franchisor of real estate brokerage services needed to help its executive leadership team – many of whom were new to their positions – feel more confident in telling the corporate story to varied audiences, including brokers/agents, employees, investors, prospective franchisees and media.

  • Today, the leaders are equipped with public speaking skills and strategies to effectively customize their message for any situation.
  • Presentation coaching and media training helped leaders confidently and effectively tell their company’s story.
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The company relied on a handful of senior executives to present at regional conferences, analyst events and an annual global convention that drew 6,000+ attendees. The same leaders were also tapped for media interviews. However, the company knew it needed to expand the number of leaders who could be called upon for presentation and media opportunities, thus showcasing the depth and expertise of the entire executive team, which was charged with guiding the organization’s growth and direction.


The company turned to Linhart PR trainers to provide a suite of presentation coaching and media training services.

  • Executive presentation coaching: We shared presentation techniques with senior leaders using our three-step P3 process: Prepare, Practice and Present. Each leader received a one-on-one coaching session to practice an actual presentation, which was videotaped and played back to highlight strengths and opportunities. Leaders also received a customized coaching summary for ongoing improvement.
  • On-site rehearsal: We helped speakers improve or fine-tune their content during a rehearsal for the company’s annual convention. We also guided the message preparation process for several speakers.
  • Executive media training: We provided media training to help senior leaders effectively create and convey key messages to print or broadcast reporters. These interactive sessions involved one-on-one, videotaped practice sessions to simulate an interview situation.


The coaching from Linhart PR resulted in:

  • More confident and capable speakers who understand how to meet the information needs of their audiences and the company
  • Expanded pool of trained executives who can speak on behalf of the company
  • Greater message consistency across various internal and external audiences
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