Facebook Content Directly Educates Consumers about Omega-3 Health Benefits

In order to educate consumers on the benefits of omega-3s, Linhart PR developed a strategy for GOED, the global organization for EPA and DHA omega-3s, to employ Facebook as a hub of fun and educational content. The content surpassed industry benchmarks for engagement, an important measure of social channel success as it is an indicator of action and conversation.

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GOED, the global membership association for EPA and DHA omega-3s, strives to educate the general public on omega-3s and the benefits associated for brain, heart and eye health. In years past, earned media coverage has been challenging given an oversaturation of “experts,” as well as conflicting study results that confuse consumers. GOED wanted go directly to consumers and educate about the benefits of omega-3s. How could GOED effectively shape this message and use its consumer-friendly Facebook page, AlwaysOmega3s?


Linhart PR created and executed a strategy for the Facebook page to be a hub for education and engagement. The program used visual content and paid ad targeting, with a goal to exceed industry benchmarks. In total, the team developed seven content pieces – two videos and five infographics – around different aspects of omega-3 health benefits.

802 k


784 k

Social Media Impressions


The content surpassed industry benchmarks for engagement – an important measure of social channel success since it shows content is driving an action or conversation. The content had an average post engagement rate of 16.43% -- far better than the industry average of 0.05%. Other combined results for the seven content pieces included:

  • 63K engagements
  • 784K impressions
  • 802K reach
  • Average post relevance score of 8.4 out of 10 (considered highly relevant)
  • Average CPR of $0.11 (well surpassing the industry average of $1.32)

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