Promoting New Heart Health Research with a Targeted Social Campaign

GOED, the global organization for EPA and DHA omega-3s, seeks to educate consumers about the importance of these nutrients for key health benefits, including heart, brain, eye and maternal health, and to drive increased consumption of EPA and DHA-rich foods and supplements. As part of its mission, GOED supported a meta-analysis – published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings – that reviewed 40 clinical EPA and DHA dosage trials and found that increased intake of EPA and DHA above the current recommended levels of 250mg per day lowered the risk of heart attack and heart disease.

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The study was published amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when consumer attention was focused largely on the virus, as well as social unrest and the upcoming presidential election. GOED tasked Linhart PR, its national consumer communications partner, with breaking through these barriers and getting the new findings and higher intake recommendation of 1,000mg per day for cardio protective benefits directly to consumers, especially those most at risk of heart disease, to drive increased consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3s from fatty fish, fortified foods and supplements.


To ensure full control over key messages, the Linhart PR team developed and executed a paid social media campaign guided by insights and trends from Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager, plus results from previous A/B ad tests.

That data allowed the team to create engaging, succinct copy and eye-catching and interactive visuals designed to connect with the “older adults interested in heart health” audience.

In total, Linhart PR developed, launched and managed eight ads across Facebook and Twitter that drove traffic to owned content and to GOED’s consumer-facing website,

All ad content highlighted the new research. Additional elements included:

  1. An infographic teaser that pointed out the global deficit in EPA and DHA omega-3 consumption (under scoring the need for increased dosage), while linking back to a longer-form study results infographic on the website
  2. Brief, animated videos and GIFs with seafood and supplement imagery that had been proven to perform well with the target audience and drive engagement in the past
  3. A teaser video with one of the study authors describing the research and highlighting EPA and DHA supplementation as a cost-effective way to help maintain heart health that also linked to a longer-form video on the study

To get the new research in front of additional users on Instagram, Linhart PR partnered with a registered dietitian Instagram influencer with high engagement rates on a story poll and static post that featured key GOED dosage messages and drove additional traffic to the full study results infographic on


Linhart PR exceeded industry benchmarks for social media-driven website traffic and cost per engagement, ultimately reaching nearly 220,000 consumers with the higher omega-3 dosage recommendation.

Highlights included:

  • Social media accounted for 38% of website traffic to, from the campaign’s start to its completion, far exceeding the benchmark of 5%
  • While ads were running, social accounted for 44% to 46% of all website traffic to and linked web pages in the ads were the top-performing web pages during the campaign
  • More than 41,000 consumers engaged with the content — including clicking more than 2,600 times to — for an average cost of $0.02 per engagement, far less expensive than the industry standard of $1.06 for the education industry and $1.32 for the health industry
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