Leveraging Key Calendar Moments to Engage Consumers on Facebook

GOED, the global organization for EPA and DHA omega-3s, seeks to 1) educate consumers about the importance of EPA and DHA nutrients for heart, brain, eye and maternal health, and 2) drive increased consumption of EPA- and DHA-rich foods like fatty fish and supplements. To achieve these goals, GOED continually shares fact-based information about EPA and DHA omega-3s and promotes positive omega-3 research.

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2021 PRSA National Bronze Anvil Winner, Facebook Engagement
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GOED tasked Linhart PR, its national consumer communications partner, with finding opportunities to successfully engage consumers in the details about the key health benefits of EPA and DHA omega-3s.


Linhart PR proposed a robust social media strategy, including four key moments throughout the year that would appeal to consumers and communicate the importance of consuming EPA and DHA omega-3s. These moments included: 1) May Mental Health Awareness Month, 2) August Breastfeeding Month, 3) New GOED-funded research published in September on increased omega-3s dosage for top heart health, and 4) October Seafood Month.

To determine the timing and content for the campaigns, Linhart PR: 1) Analyzed previous post performance and found brain/mental health posts were some of the most popular, driving the May Mental Health tie; Breastfeeding Month was a perfect way to connect with moms who preferred customized content; and recipes and food images received high interest and engagement, items to focus on during Seafood Month; 2) Tested and monitored overall Facebook ad performance to understand and integrate trends; and 3) Examined the GOED-funded research – published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings – that found a minimum of 1,000mg of EPA and DHA per day reaps the most heart health benefits, to determine how to best communicate findings to consumers.

Each seasonal campaign included:

  • On-trend, engaging and succinct social copy that 1) showcased the positive and proven benefits of DHA on brain and mental health in May, 2) illustrated the importance of EPA and DHA for new moms and developing babies when breastfeeding in August, 3) shared the latest positive research on increased omega-3 consumption and heart health for the Sept/Oct dosage study campaign, and 4) provided seafood prep tips, shelf-stable fish options and noted the best marine sources for omega-3s in October.
  • Compelling, eye-catching visuals, including original GIFs, videos, and infographics to accompany the customized copy for each campaign.
  • Interactive elements like polls and giveaways to encourage engagement and relevant hashtags to help consumers find the content.
  • Top-performing Facebook ads that allowed posts to be seen by target audiences; our team consistently monitored performance and adjusted targeting and budgets, when necessary, to ensure a strong ROI from each ad.


Linhart PR ultimately secured more than 93,000 total Facebook engagements across all four campaigns, exceeding industry benchmarks for cost per engagement and far outperforming the 40,000 total engagements campaign goal.

Additional wins included:

  • Delivered a positive ad ROI with an average cost per engagement for all four campaigns of just $0.24, far less expensive than the industry averages for health ($1.06) and education ($1.32)
  • Drove more than 8,000 clicks from the Facebook content to AlwaysOmega3s.com, GOED’s consumer-facing website, exceeding the set 3,300 web clicks goal
  • Earned a Bronze Anvil Award from PRSA National in the Facebook Engagement category, where we were one of only 33 organizations selected for an award; 358 submitted entries

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